When I was a young child one of my favorite activities was sneaking into my parents’ home office and reading the dictionary, page by page. I was fascinated by the pages of words and more words, and the explanations and the illustrations that went along with them. By high school I had acquired an extensive vocabulary and a love of reading and writing that has lasted a lifetime. During my college years I tried several majors including German, Russian, and linguistics, before settling on English language and literature.

Today I hold a Master of Arts in English with a concentration in English literature and a Master of Library and Information Science. I taught college English for thirteen years and I have been a college librarian for over sixteen years. Teaching college English has honed my skills in critiquing the basic mechanics of written works while preserving the individual’s voice and style. Extensive reading in English and mainstream literature gave me an objective eye, and when I work with a manuscript I strive to maintain the author’s vision pure and intact while the grammar, spelling, sentence and paragraph structure, and continuity are smoothed out and made whole. I am also a published author, so I know how it is to be on the other side of the keyboard. In my own novels I work hard to convey my own personal vision, and when I edit a work for a client I allow the author’s creativity to shine through in the best possible way.

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